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Our Internet marketing team dishes out top tips, tools and secrets of the trade. Welcome to our tools page. Here you’ll find interesting tips and tools on Internet marketing, search engine optimization, paid search advertising, web development and more.

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Google Trends
Google Trends is a free tool from Google labs. Enter a search term or string of terms and Google trends will generate data for you. Find out how popular terms or topics are in the news, on blogs or websites. Based on this information, you can choose where to direct your business’s energy.

Top ten SEO and keyword research tools from WordTracker

Wordtracker is an online application that allows users to find out what people are searching for on the Internet. Learn more about the importance of keywords and your business. A properly optimized website grasps onto competitive search terms and utilizes them throughout text, while avoiding black-hat “stuffing” techniques. If you don’t know where to start, these free tools and tutorials will help.

Google Website Optimizer
If you haven’t heard of Google Website Optimizer, you have the opportunity to significantly assess and revamp your business. A free, in-depth analytics tool, Google Website Optimizer will let you run single element and multivariate tests on your website; improve sales and boost leads.

Google Analytics
How many people visit your website, and where are they located geographically? How can you draw more leads and conversions? Google Analytics is another vital (and free!) tool from Google.

Google AdWords
Otherwise known as Google Pay Per Click, this widely-used system allows you to advertise directly on Google with competitive search terms. A well-planned, intuitive Internet marketing strategy can help you succeed with Pay Per Click. Maximize profits while reducing overhead.

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Did you know?

Google likes links and getting incoming links to your website is very important.  Exchanging links with other websites is an important part of your website promotion strategy.

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