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We are often asked "how much does a website cost?". Well, it is a bit like buying a car, it varies widely, there is the base model and the fully loaded model. Our prices are based on how complexed your site will be and how much time is involved. Typically an average website with us can cost anywhere from $300 - $800. It all depends on what your aiming for and the time that is required to get it the way you want and the features you require.

Once we get some information from you about your business or what type of site you need, we can create a mock-up for you. That way you can see what the site will look like and what sort of cost is involved before committing to anything.

And remember, with us you don't pay anything until your satisfied! Unlike most web designers, we don't charge upfront fees because we know your going to love our work and payment can wait until your website is completed. So you can feel at ease knowing your dealing with a reputable web design company who has your best interests.

Contact us today for a no obligation quote. The chart below is to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay, but we always work with our clients and are flexible with every budget. So expect to get more for your money!

Website Design Services
(One-time fee)
Web Design & Development
Domain & Hosting 
Up to 5 Pages (more for silver & gold)
Basic Search Engine Optimization
Email contact form & Google Map
Website Email Addresses
Advanced SEO & YouTube Videos
Logo Design, Facebook, Twitter
Google Analytics (visitor stats)  
100+ Top 10 Google Rankings    
Monthly Ranking Reports    

Did you know?

A well designed website will convince your visitors about the seriousness of your business, enhance your image, increase your visibility, and drive new business. A well designed website is not an expense but a smart investment (website design).

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