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Having a website is pretty pointless if nobody finds it. Website promotion is the art of getting visitors to your website. It includes many options; Some of them are free, and we can help you with the others. Let us turn your website into a cost effective marketing tool.

Search Engine Optimization puts your website in front of potential customers. SEO lays the foundation for future marketing efforts. More than 90% of web surfers use a major search engine like Google, to find products and services on the Internet. Without natural search engine optimization of your web pages, your site will probably never be seen. We can put your site on the 1st page of google for a wide range of keywords and phrases pertaining to your business so when people search, you will be found and ultimately capture their business.

Our SEO services give you a tactical advantage over your competition! To learn more or to request a detailed proposal of what we can do for you, please contact us.

Website Promotion Tips


Website promotion starts with good website design. Your website needs to provide useful, original, and well organized information that people need, like, and want to go back to. Work and rework the content of your pages.

Conventional marketing and advertising

Website promotion is an extension of conventional marketing and advertising. Tell the world about your website. Your website name should appear on every email message you send, business card, letter heads, invoices, yellow pages, promotional items, advertisement, etc. We can take care of the internet marketing part.

Drive your own traffic

Give a reason to your visitors to come back to your website. Periodically change content, offer sales and promotions, create a blog, etc. Create a mailing list that visitors to your website can subscribe to and send them periodic information or messages with links back to your website. Create Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages and link to your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines are the easiest and least expensive way to drive traffic to your website. Optimize the visible and invisible portions of your website so it is search engines friendly. Search engines are notorious to forget listings; Submit your website periodically, at least twice a year. Local sales are very important for many small business owners so take the time to get listed with the local search directories. Here is how to create a good local listing.

Get linked

For Google, websites receiving links must be popular and therefore deserve more attention. Create link pages and ask for reciprocal links from your suppliers, partners, friends, etc. Figure out who links to your competitors and request links too.

To learn more or to request a detailed proposal of what we can do for your business, please contact us

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